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 Introduction/ Guidelines

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PostSubject: Introduction/ Guidelines   Thu May 22, 2008 7:42 pm

Okay peeps, this is it. Steve has kindly added this section so that members can really get involved with the site.
Here it goes then:

1.This section of the site is for you members to put ya ideas forward and to help us mods get an idea of what you think of the site, and whether we're goin along the right lines/ direction.

2. Any ideas are welcome, even you think it may sound a lil stupid (most of em prob will be) you never know it may still help to benefeit the site.

3. It's not just positive ideas that we're after, negative ideas/ views are still usefull feedback so dont hold back. Whether you think we should add something to the site or take something away as it is'nt used, all of the ideas shall be taken in to acount.

4.This is a place for ideas and views, not a big ass bitching and slaggin section of the site (soon to follow). Make sure your ideas are clear and your mature about what you put forward, this way you can bitch and put it in a clever way so that no 1 notices ya having a whinge.

5.At the end of each month all the ideas/views will be put in to a vote/poll and what ever receives the most votes shall then be used. This duty shall be under taken by steve-24-7 although he doesnt know yet. so if there are any cock-ups or whatever then blame him and give him a good kick-in when he is nxt out. lol.

6. I cant think of anything else, so start whackin up a s*** load of ideas. Have fun peeps. Peace out mutha fuckaaazzzzz

7. Steve's 'R' on his car is backwards hahaha. make sure u let him know.
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Introduction/ Guidelines
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