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 Deanw_666's Pug 106

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PostSubject: Deanw_666's Pug 106   Mon May 12, 2008 2:47 am

Right, I thought I'd do a progress blog on my 106, as I don't think I have done one before.

This is the earliest picture I have of the car, because all the old ones are on my old hard drive which is in my old computer that doesnt work. =(
The mods in this picture from standard are the Quiky seats, beesting aerial, angel eyes, boot spoiler, and the white sunstrip.

A few months later, I got a chrome show cage. i dunno why, but i just did. Well cheap off ebay XD

Then I got a Powerflow DTM stainless backbox off of Romey.
It looked something like this:

And after that I had a little bump with another car and buggered my bonnet and light brows. It creased the bonnet quite badly and it didn't sit flat anymore =(

I got fed up of the Powerflow exhaust, so I searched ebay and got this sportex twin 3" backbox.

Now I thought I desparately needed some wheels, and my heart was set on some Compomotives.
Searched ebay, bid 89 and got these babys:

Then I went out on a little drive and took some piccies:

I then noticed how unlevel the rear end was. =(

I got bored one day and was fed up of the bonnet rattling whilst I was driving, so I put the black one on.
I know I need to get it sprayed, and it will one day. When that day is, I don't know. =P

This is the most recent picture of my car:

List Of Modifications & To Do's:

-Completely standard 1.1 TU1M Engine.
-Make it run more smoothly.
-Think valve stem oil seals need doing.
-Gearbox & clutch to be fitted.
-Driveshafts and front bearings to be fitted

-Sportex 3" twin stainelss steel backbox.

-Lowering. Not sure on what amount yet. Probably 35mm or 45mm.
-Upper strut brace.

-6J 15 Compomotive MO's
-195/45/15 78V Avon ZV3. (fronts)
-195/45/15 78V Marshall Matrac TX KU17. (rears)
-Refurb the wheels.

-Kenwood KDC-W4031 4X50W headunit.
-Kenwood 2X130w 5" door speakers.
-Kenwood 2X400w 6X9's.
-400W RMS 2 channel amp. (make unknown)
-12" 400W RMS Sony Xplod sub.
-Sub & amp upgrade.

-Angel-eye projectors.
-Halogen H1 bulbs.
-Ring Silver Enigma indicator bulbs.
-'Peugeot' '106' & 'XN' de-badged.
-De-chromed side bump strips.
-Saxo VTR boot spoiler.
-Cruise-herts.net stickers.
-Fit & colour code new bumpers & wing mirror covers.
-Spray new bonnet.

-Quiksilver seats & door cards.
-Chrome show cage.
-GTI gearknob & gaitor

Thanks for reading this, comments, opinions and suggestions are more than welcome =)
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PostSubject: Re: Deanw_666's Pug 106   Sun Mar 28, 2010 1:53 am

Ahhh well what do you know... fancy seeing you on this forum
i think you need these son

I heard they give you like 25bhp or somthing.

Quote :
Especially if you stick them on the front wing!
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Deanw_666's Pug 106
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